MARA Virtual Evaluation 2021`
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1. Was the date and time convenient for you to attend?24 responses
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1. If not, what do you recommend?2 responses
This worked quite well, but as we all agree, in person is better. thank you for all the hard work putting this together.
A weekday would work better for me, since I am retired and wife is not.
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2. Attendance by Zoom, Virtually: Were you satisfied with your connection to this event?24 responses
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2. If not, what do you recommend?1 response
Less confusion between registration and invitation email message
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3. Other comments about the conference.11 responses
Hope you will offer a virtual (Zoom) option each year. Would not have attended if I had to travel too far.
The conference provided important information.
So few attendees showed their presence, how come?
This was a great conference, better run and with better speakers than many I attend in connection with my job. People should be very pleased with the results.
Even more time could be dedicated to the attorneys. They are such an excellent resource. One thing I noticed they didn't get to is, when are easements needed for snow plowing. I will try to remember to ask this question on the website. I like when I've attended in person to have the attorneys' presentation last as they have been willing to stay as long as needed to answer every question. I posed a long question to Mary in advance and am not sure I got the full answer, but it was too long and complex to raise for the group.
Overall excellent job - thank you. Suggestions to make it better: 1) Firm start time versus 45 minutes (8:30 AM scheduled versus 9:15 AM actual - everyone is aware of Zoom. 2) No gift giving during the conference (mail the gifts after the conference in private to the presenters). 3) No Toucan poems :) 4) More time for the attorneys - more time for questions.
Very helpful! Thank you to all the speakers.
Very professional and informative.
It would be good to have an opportunity to suggest topics and offer question a month or so before the next conference as things can change and matters of concern can develop over a period of time.
nice job keeping on schedule. I would have preferred if the panelists would have addressed the pre-conference submitted questions specifically... rather than just hitting them with a glancing blow during the segments
Clearly lots of work behind the scenes to provide such great content and expertise in the speakers.
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4. Workshop: "Legal Aspects of Administrative Operations": Mary Denison and John Cunningham. Did the speakers meet their objectives in their presentation?24 responses
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5. Is there a legal topic you'd like to have followed up or presented in more detail for next year's conference?10 responses
LD 192
IRS filing/taxes/budgets
A little more on the differences, pros and cons, on Statutory vs. Incorporated, non-profit associations.
I would definitely like to hear from Mary Denison and John Cunningham every year. These were some of the most import presentations of the day. Road Associations and ownership of common areas. I have no other topics in mind but I'm sure they can pick key issues that have come up over the course of the year.
Ask me again later
Everything the attorneys present is relevant and of interest. As to question 6 below, my answer is both yes and no. I was unable to enter a comment about the insurance products presentation below, so I will enter it here. It was informative, but I guess there just aren't many options. It seems so expensive for insurance that hopefully will never be used. I was hoping to hear there were a plethora of products to choose from.
Liability, Paved Roads, Gates.
How to change governing documents?
we need a deeper discussion on Road association incorporation to prevent member and officer liability
To pave or not to pave?
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6. Workshop: "Insurance Products for Private Road Associations": Nannette Marble. Did the Speaker meet the objectives of her presentation? 22 responses
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7. Workshop: "Road Safety Issues, repairing and maintaining Gravel Roads": Peter Coughlan. Was the presenter's information helpful to improving your roads?21 responses
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no 7. Is there a topic you’d like to have followed up or presented in more detail regarding gravel road repair for next year's conference?10 responses
Address issues specific to hilly road associations.
Road maintenance and the impact on the lake. DEP certification of road contractors. This was another key presentation - applies to all road associations and is our key mission. DOT should always be a conference topic.
Not at this time; ask me later.
I agree the topic of potential water quality impacts from roads would be very helpful. Resources for material and speakers would include DEP and the Lake Stewards of Maine.
How ditching and maintenance (or lack of it) affects water quality for lakes - great idea for a topic!
Specific handouts for road materials construction and specs.
Any way to compile lists of providers for private road services such as engineers, gravel operators, material suppliers, road contractors.
do Statutory RA need to file taxes?
Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict I missed this presentation.
Adding Green Infrastructure, techniques to manage run-off and soil erosion
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8. Workshop: "Mediation in Conflict resolution": William J. Van Twisk. Did the speaker meet his objectives?16 responses
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Do you have any other topics you'd like to see under this heading?9 responses
Would like to hear more about self work on public easements / statutory road association roads
No - did not find this topic to be very helpful or interesting. Not a very good speaker
More specific examples, anecdotal accounts of how mediation was applied and how it helped to resolve conflicts typical in road association disputes
Topic valuable, but presentation could be shortened
Not the question, but the discussion on mediation was too focused on what mediation is and examples generally were not about road associations. there were a few good tips but most of it was too general to warrant the time alloted.
To be honest - this was simply not effective. I felt as though the speaker wasn't prepared - didn't cite real examples - and didn't provide any useful information. I'm sorry - but the other speakers were very effective.
Coaching for resolving Inter-personal disputes or how to communicate effectively with others.
Did not participate in Road Safety Issues, or Mediation in Conflict Resolution sessions.
Unable to make this session. Would love to see a video of this one.
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Next Year's: 2021 conference
Administration16 responses
Budgeting, billing, paymentservices, capital account,auditing, future/contingencyplanning, and grant writingunder section 3106.Options for handling sideroads12.5%87.5%
Budgeting, billing, payment services, capital account, auditing, future/contingency planning, and grant writing under section 3106.14
Options for handling side roads2
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Do you have any other topics you'd like to see under this heading?6 responses
Building up reserves for emergencies; building up reserves for future maintenance and major repairs;
I don't see the point of spending an hour or so on law enforcement issues. There is no enforcement of laws on private roads.
The budgeting, etc. topic might be of interest, but there is a lot there to try to tackle.
Not at this time. I need to think to about all the very helpful information that was presented and our situation first.
Managing annual and special meetings effectively and efficiently; special assessments.
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Road maintenance17 responses
Pavement: installation,repair, maintenance -what's allowed and what'snotEasements: winter plowing,ditches and right of wayRole of Road Maintenancein Lake Water Quality17.6%35.3%47.1%
Pavement: installation, repair, maintenance - what's allowed and what's not3
Easements: winter plowing, ditches and right of way8
Role of Road Maintenance in Lake Water Quality6
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Do you have any other topics you'd like to see under this heading?5 responses
I would like to vote for two here--water quality and the easements topic above. Also, another topic might be tree trimming/removal and vegetation management, including working with power companies and with road users to get the work done and achieve results that protect the road, utilities, and the environment.
Under road maintenance, you should have allowed multiple choices. I would like to see both easements for winter plowing and role of road maintenance in lake water quality
Effective ways to share ROW with third parties like a Town that may have a use on the private road.
CCSWCD - Adding Green Infrastructure, techniques to manage run-off and soil erosion - See Bustins Island example
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Other items:12 responses
Legal issues regardingabandoned roads,discontinued roads, andpublic easements to allowtown plowingGetting involved in theLegislative Process25%75%
Legal issues regarding abandoned roads, discontinued roads, and public easements to allow town plowing9
Getting involved in the Legislative Process3
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Do you have any other topics you'd like to see under this heading?6 responses
Next year's conference date I believe is on a holiday weekend? Would this impact attendance?
New lien process of reapplying every 18 months.
Given that speed limits, trespassing, ATV usage etc. are all not applicable for law enforcement, I am wondering if law enforcement relations is relevant for road maintenance associations.
Conference was excellent. Very glad I attended. Plan to attend next year. Thank you to all for organizing and presenting. Also very glad to have joined MARA.
Road Association incorporation to prevent member/officer liability
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