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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

Welcome to The Maine Alliance for Road Associations Website

Preserving community, protecting the environment, providing access....

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The Maine Alliance for Road Associations (MARA) is a volunteer public service organization whose purpose is to help Maine homeowners who live on private roads and public citizens who may be considering this possibility.

MARA facilitates communication among an online community of members active in Maine road associations formed or forming under the Maine Private Ways Statute, 23 MRS ยงยง3101 - 3104.  

MARA's purpose is, in part, the compilation and dissemination of information from many sources to help people living on private roads share maintenance costs and administer their road associations fairly and equitably. MARA also advocates for fair and equitable laws relating to people living on private roads in Maine. The MARA website is maintained by member contributions.

The Maine Alliance for Road Associations makes no guaranty about the completeness, reliability, or accuracy of information posted on the Discussion Forum or elsewhere on this website.

MARA recognizes and supports the right of individual board members to express their opinions. Board member opinions expressed on the pages of the Discussion forum do not necessarily reflect MARA policy positions.

We are not liable for any actions taken or losses or damages resulting from the use of any of the information posted or provided. Before taking action, you are advised to seek advice from qualified professionals such as attorneys, engineers, road maintenance contractors, or soil scientists depending on your topic of interest. 

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Dues for 2023 are $25.

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