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Maine Alliance for Road Associations


The Maine Private Road Association Conference

Saturday, October 2, 2021


In-person Attendance CANCELLED at Maple Hill Farm Inn

due to Pandemic 

Virtual (Zoom) Attendance now available for all participants

audio-visual support provided by

AV Portland


Conference Workshops:

“Road Safety Issues and Repairing and Maintaining Gravel Roads”: by Peter Coughlan. He will speak to our attendees on the topics of road safety and road maintenance. Our members have expressed an interest in safety issues such as speeding, abuse by ATVs, possible signage for safety, and obstructions of the road creating safety hazards.

“Legal Aspects of Administrative Operations”: by Attorneys Mary Denison of Lake & Denison, Winthrop, Maine, and John Cunningham of Eaton Peabody, Brunswick, Maine. They will present on topics related to the Private Ways Statutes, 23 M. R. S. ยงยง3101-3104 including formation and continued operations of non-profit and statutory road associations, easements required of road associations to allow winter plowing, culverts, ditches, and right-of ways, information regarding collection efforts for delinquent owners, extensions, member voting, and liability protection provided by the statutes.

“Insurance Products for Private Road Associations” by Nannette Marble, Hub International Insurance. She will discuss insurance products for private road associations –what’s covered and what is not covered; what we need, what’s available, and affordability. What to look for in an agent; what to look out for to prevent being taken advantage of.

"The Role of Mediation in Conflict Resolution" by William J. Van Twisk, Professional Mediator. He will speak interactively to our attendees on the topic of conflict resolution for private road associations, addressing some of the scenarios we commonly see, giving us some of the basics on dispute resolution.

Registration and Attendance:

All Registrations online. Start here, on this page. Click "Go to Registration" below. Full payment only, no partial payments. 

MARA members only: each $30.00 

Guests (non-members): $40.00

Late registration for Members is $40 and Guests is $50.00 after August 31, 2021.

No cancellations or refunds after August 31, 2021, except that due to the degree of uncertainty surrounding the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential effects on event registration, we must reserve the option to cancel the conference up until Wednesday September 22, 2021. If it becomes necessary to cancel the event, all registration fees will be promptly returned.

If you have any questions on the Event, please contact Roberta Manter, Event Co-Chair, at roadways@juno.com or call (207) 685-9846; questions on registration contact Sandy Allen, Co-chair, at ala6363@yahoo.com or call (207) 449-0362

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