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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

Driveway culverts

  • 01 Apr 2022 8:54 PM
    Message # 12690890
    Deleted user

    We have many property owners that have drainage pipes or culverts across their driveways, many of these culverts are close to the road and are likely in the road ROW.  Who is responsible for maintaining and replacing these culverts?  Historically it has been the property owners responsibility but if the culvert is in the road ROW I question the legality if that approach.

  • 02 Apr 2022 7:26 AM
    Reply # 12691189 on 12690890
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I am not an attorney but am speaking as homeowner on a private road with a culvert that drains a part of my property into a commonly used private ROW that is the responsibility of our statutory road association. I recently paid to have my culvert reset within the ROW at the same time the association was paying for the completion of other road maintenance. 

    I suggest having owners maintain culverts that primarily benefit their properties whether on not these culverts are within the boundaries of the private road. If culverts under driveways are part of the ditching to drain the private road then the association pays for maintenance.

    Try to keep attorneys out of these decisions. This should help matters remain low-key. Attempt to find a solution that is fair and equitable to all parties. 

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