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Maine Alliance for Road Associations

Emergency Locked Gate

  • 31 May 2024 3:35 PM
    Message # 13364291

    Would the installation by a Road Association (RA) of an emergency-use-only locked gate at the junction of two contiguous and separate dead end statutory RAs be allowed by MRS Title 23, 3101 through 3106? Town/Fire Department will not take this on or require gate. Existing 40' wide Right-Of-Way (ROW) is shown on town GIS tax maps, where the gate would be installed. Gate work may involve travelled way widening, grading, possible ledge removal, drainage, minor realignment of portion into existing ROW, long-term maintenance by each RA, including, grading, drainage control, snow removal and other normal road maintenance activity. Benefit may, or may not, be considered equal causing possible need for one RA to contribute to the other, or for one RA to do work in the neighboring RA ROW. Legal, engineering, and property research costs would precede formal definition. Operational rules would be proposed as a Bylaws update for both road associations and put to vote. Preliminary costs, and projected costs based on Preliminary, would go to votes of property owners. 

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