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Maine Alliance for Road Associations


  • 03 Jun 2024 7:43 PM
    Message # 13365388

    I have read posts on absentee and proxy ballots including Attorney Dennison's 7-21-21 post. But I still have a few questions before our organizational meeting.

    1. In regard to proxy voting the law says "MAY"  but we are going to allow for proxy voting.  But is it necessary to have a proxy form that allows for the proxy to choose specific and general.  My experience with proxy's is that you give a proxy to a person to vote in your stead.  If you don't believe a proxy will vote as you wish don't give the proxy to that person.  Why give a proxy to a person and then tell them to vote a specific way?    A person might as well do an absentee ballot.  Why does the sample proxy form on the MARA give the option for the proxy to vote specifically?

    In regards to absentee ballots the law talks about the vote not being final until the person who votes absentee is polled.  If the absentee's polling will not change the outcome of the vote, is it necessary to poll that person before moving to the next article?   For example at our organizational meeting I expect there may be motions to amend the by-laws or budget.  If I'm taking the statute literally, must the meeting stop until the person is polled on the amendment even if it won't change the outcome of the vote on the amendment?  If someone wanted to mess with the process this could take years to to get through an organizational meeting.

  • 04 Jun 2024 9:23 AM
    Reply # 13365553 on 13365388
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Use of “may” with reference to proxy voting in the Statutes renders its acceptance, rejection and particular definition up to your owners to decide.

    I have posted a new PROXY Voting/ABSENTEE BALLOT TEMPLATE on the Resources Page. We like to offer both “specific” and “general” proxy choices because these options give the absent member added control over the proxy vote. At our annual meeting in August, we will be voting on an amendment (see attached) to add a third choice for proxy voting, a "proxy assistant for virtual attendance". We prefer proxy voting to absentee voting because it may increase the attendance at meetings and makes deviations from the agenda easier to manage.

    If the outcome of voting will not be affected by the absentee votes, there is no need to poll the absent members involved. 

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